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Gunn Lundemo

DJ Gunn Lundemo har turnerat på över 200 platser internationellt, USA, Centralamerika och Europa. Idag är hon resident-DJ på Noppes i Stockholm, samt ledare för show kollektivet: DJ Gunn & Friends!

Boka DJ Gunn  till ditt evenemang, en garanterad partyhöjare!

As a professional DJ for the past 8 years, Gunn Lundemo has performed in over 200 cities internationaly and actively tour around the world in the US, central america and europe. She has had residencies at Twiga in Monaco, Billionaire Mansion in Dubai and in Bulgaria. She is now a resident DJ of the members bar "Noppes" in stockholm. As a producer she independently organizes some of Sweden’s premiere parties.  She has brought names such as Ruby Rose and many more to her party outhrough the years. With her experience and dedication to the art of DJing and her experience producing large events, Gunn has a deep understanding of just what it takes to host, perform and create an unforgettable party.

She also has a worldwide traveling DJ duo together with L word actress Daniela Sea.

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